Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My First Date With an Actor

People always ask me about the dating scene in LA. Moving here from New York you do notice a difference. Men in LA are privileged to have at their disposal the most beautiful women in the world. I know this because a guy told me this on our first date:

His name was Bryan (real name withheld). Bryan was tall dark and handsome and had a smile that could melt your panties right off. Bryan was from Georgia. He moved here from his Hometown to pursue his music career, but ended up being more known for his budding acting career. We met at a restaurant opening: He pulled up and I immediately thought, I had to have him. I waited all night until he returned to pick up his car…. just so I could see him again. I saw his car pull around and then I hurried over and pushed the valet out of the way and opened his door. He said,“ I like that dress.” Bingo! The door was opened! After that, we exchanged friendly banter that ended up with me giving him my number. 1st date: We decided to meet at a restaurant in the Valley. I had NO idea this place was super casual. So I showed up wearing peep toe pumps, and a dress. He showed up wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt. I felt awkward… but yet sexy. As soon as we sat down he started grilling me like a George Forman Grill. Where are you from? How old are you? What was your last relationship like? I got soo tense. My last relationship sucked! Why was he asking me this sooo soon??? I decided to be honest and tell him the truth, the whole ugly truth. As I told him the story…. He played with his blackberry. I thought it was rather rude. He obviously thought it was okay. After he showed me his complete lack of interest, I started to feel foolish. I mean, he didn’t bother to dress up for the date. Then he asks me all these questions and just ignores me!

Maybe I needed to shift the attention. So, I asked him about his dating experience in LA. And that’s when he said “LA, has the most beautiful women here. But I am looking for someone with substance.”
He then went on to tell me a few of the movies he has been in, and ask if I had seen them. He grilled me some more and I answered all his questions with complete honesty. He yawned (yes, he yawned) and I quickly said, “Lets get you home.”

The night ended with him saying, “We should do this again.” And him giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. I got hopeful. Maybe he didn’t find me boring. Or could he be giving me the old Hollywood brush off. Well, it’s been a few months now. While I have not heard from him, I have seen him on TMZ…… coming from dinner…. with a scantily clad woman. Yea, she had substance. Two big ones sticking out of her dress!!

The Moral of THIS story: When you date an actor in LA, you need to have substance.



Anonymous said...

That's why I will never date an actor...up and coming right? They think they're bigger than the ones who've already made it!!!

Anonymous said...

dude fucckkkk actors (unless they're super hot or super rich!)
(or both....)

The Alleged Ringleader said...

Ok and I am dying to know who it is!
Just found your blog the other day, love it.