Monday, October 27, 2008

The first and last date kinda guy.

Ok, so let me tell you about this boy I met online. Myspace, or Friendster, I forget. It was a while back. It started out with cute, silly emails. Then not so witty chats but I had nothing going on at that point in my life, so wth. Then ultimately, he popped the big question. "Wanna grab dinner sometime?" Since he was a friend of a friend, 1) I didn't want to be a bitch, 2) A free meal, why not. This was my first online experience, might as well be with someone that knows someone, just in case I suddenly disappear and show up lifeless on Venice beach with seaweed, sand and seagull droppings all over me. So let's call him BoyWonder.

He was cute and nice as far as I could tell. Short, not a turn off by any means, just not a plus. Not particularly outgoing, but beggars can't be choosers! From the emails we had been exchanging, he seemed as if he had his shit together, and made me giggle, not laugh, here and there.

So the date... I decided to meet BoyWonder on his side of town, at a little restaurant he chose. It looked inexpensive, I mean reeeeally inexpensive. But you can't blame him right? Blind date. I could be crazy, fat, or ugly. Anyways it looked inexpensive. It was probably a B rating but I didn't notice. The food was delish AND inexpensive.

CUT TO: The end of the meal, where we ask guessed it! The check. THE CHECK!!! So the waitress hands BoyWonder the check. He examined it, pulled out a... wait, I can't quite see it... oh, yup, there it is....a TEN dollar bill ladies and gentlemen! Now I'm thinking in my head... wait my meal was $6.95 plus tax....and his order was a super-sized version of what I had. Hmmmm -- And no, we weren't at McDonald's.

BoyWonder, then hands the check to ME. I was like "OH Heeeeell no!" -- In my head. So I hesitantly, take THE CHECK, and stare at it in amazement. It's total is about 17 bucks. Yes seventeen. 17. One. Seven. Seven plus ten. 7+10... and some change. Ok, ok... more than $17....Sheeesh.

I slowly opened up my purse. Looked up at him, for a sign, any sign that would save this date, ANYTHING. Nothing. I then proceeded to pull out my wallet. Again, I shifted my eyes in his direction for maybe a "HALT! I got it!" Nothing. I opened my wallet. Glanced over at him in one last gleam of hope he'd pay for the $17 and some change bill. But, no effort was made on his part. Then in defeat, I pulled out a $10 and handed it to the waitress with the bill and his $10.

At that point, I had nothing to say, I was speechless. I think I was in shock more than annoyed. He wanted to get coffee or desert after that. I suddenly felt sick, and said I had to wash my hair or wake up early. Something reeeeaally important. I forget.

Now I hear you muh fuckers saying "maybe he didn't like you that's why he didn't pay, bitch..." Well suckas...he asked me out for another date, and 'til this day...4 years later... he still hits me up every 3 - 4 months, no fail...asking to go out... BOOM!

The moral of THIS story: If you ask for the date...YOU need to pay for the date.

That Girl


flaco said...

It sounds like Boywonder is more of a Boy than a Wonder. If someone asks YOU out on a date then that person should pay. Its basically an unsaid rule that anyone who ever dated or played 'dream date' while an adolescent would know. I hope that you have not responded to his requests for a second date. One should never recycle that type of paper. Think of him as a shit ticket(toilet paper), you wouldn't want that as a napkin....even if it has been processed. You KNOW what is was!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he was just an inexperienced, nice guy. Although, a man paying for the first date is pretty standard.