Monday, November 3, 2008

Will you be my Valentine...Wendy?

First off, girls need to say what they mean. ALWAYS. Let me repeat that ONE more time. Girls, women, females (just so we're clear) need to say what they mean. Guys are literal and they will rarely ever stray from that in a casual sense and in this particular sense, taking your girlfriend out on a date eventually becomes casual. So, with that being said:

On one particular Valentine's day, every single plan that I made for this special day fell through. So the night's events as they all fell over like dominos, became a joke by the end of the night. The perfect punchline to the joke is that we ended up eating at Wendy's. Honestly, it was a very charming dinner, lots of laughs. The worst Valentine' Day became the best Valentine's Day.

Once I was done with my spicy chicken sandwich and her with her grilled chicken, she leaned over to me and said "we should do this every year." So, me being a GUY and a fan of Wendy's, the following year I took her to Wendy's out of nostalgia and by her request of the year prior. So you want to know how the date went?

YOU GUESSED IT! She got PISSED and made me take her home.

I thought I was in for an easy and inexpensive date, but it turned out that it was full of tears and a near break up. I was just doing what she said! I repeat, she leaned over to me and said "we should do this every year." Two words from her that night a year earlier could have saved her from a failed holiday, the following year, and those words "JUST KIDDING."

If she would have said those words she would have earned herself a candle lit dinner and a meal that I would have no choice but to put on my credit card.

The moral of THIS story: SAY WHAT YOU MEAN

Uncle The Monster, Guest Blogger


Joseph said...

Typical CHICK!

chase said...

WHATEVER!!! What SANE dude would take that and run with it.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

I'm totally guilty of this! I joked around to my friends that me and my ex were going to Chipotle for V-Day and he totally thought that was the plan. I was so pissed, you're right JUST KIDDING is all it would take.